Distribution Grids

Energy storage solutions:

A “multi-tool” to fix power capacity and quality issues in the distribution grid

Commercial & Industrial buildings

Modular and scalable energy storage solutions to meet any requirement

Minimize your electricity bill and maximize the return on PV investment while helping DSO's.

Increasing electrification and distributed energy generation put the distribution grids to the challenge

With increasing electrification of the transport sector and more power demanding appliances, the distribution grids are facing increasing power congestion and voltage problems. Moreover, increased distributed power generation from intermittent energy sources like solar and wind may contribute to additional voltage variability and problems.

Energy storage in the distribution grid

Energy storage placed at overloaded distribution transformers can assist with extra active and reactive power and thereby reduce the loading of the transformer. In the case of voltage issues, the energy storage systems can be placed further out on the feeders facing the voltage problems and contribute with active and reactive power, as well as phase balancing, to reduce the extreme voltage peaks and dampen the voltage changes.

Energy storage solutions placed close to the distribution transformers or far out along the distribution lines - solving different challenges

Additional benefits from such distributed energy storage systems at the feeders are: reduced cable losses and reduced loading of the transformers. Moreover, such distributed energy storage systems can be coordinated and aggregated as a fleet of power and energy flexibility assets for additional services.

Key services provided:  
Power congestion relief Store energy during low demand and provide power during load peaks.
Reactive power compensation Consume or generate reactive power to reduce strain on transformers and lines
Phase balancing Balance phase loads on upstream transformers and lines
Voltage support Provide power into remote parts of the grid to maintain line voltage
Frequency support Aggregating power or energy from distributed energy storage systems, this can be used to help stabilize the frequency

Case studies

Research and development is at the core of our business idea – together with our clients we are deploying solutions that reduce power cost without reducing power consumption.

Distribution grids

Energy storage for power quality support and decongestion of distribution networks

Distributed energy storage solutions can help DSO's in meeting challenges due to increasing power peak demands and intermittent power production.


Using energy storage to generate revenue on lazy assets in telecom networks

Telecom networks possess a significant energy storage capacity. This can be utilized for "ancillary services" without having any impact on the reliability for the telecom network.

Charging of electrical vehicles

Energy storage interacting with chargers for electrical vehicles

Installing EV chargers can result in costly upstream capacity increase requirements and demand charges.

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