Using energy storage to “activate” lazy assets in telecom networks

How does it work?

Explore how Power Shaper, the standard modular system fom Pixii, can be scaled to meet custom requirement from 10kW to 1MW

Telecom operators are bound by their licenses to provide back-up for a given time after a power outage. This typically varies from 4-8 hours and beyond for the more critical sites. This represent a massive investment which is almost never utilized. In telecom networks round the world there are enormous amounts of energy storage that could be utilized to manage challenges in the local grids.

Introducing bi-directional converters, which both can ensure that the telecom loads gets their power as well as feeding energy back to the grid, these lazy assets can take a more active role and generate additional revenue.

The telecom operators already have a full view and control of all their sites and can easily aggregate these services and offer this to pools or entities dealing with energy trade.

The Pixiibox power converter combines the specification for telecom power with normal energy storage as it has a built in galvanic isolation. This is key to be able to have telecom equipment connected on the 48VDC (battery) side.

Case studies

Research and development is at the core of our business idea – together with our clients we are deploying solutions that reduce power cost without reducing power consumption.

Distribution grids

Energy storage for power quality support and decongestion of distribution networks

Distributed energy storage solutions can help DSO's in meeting challenges due to increasing power peak demands and intermittent power production.


Using energy storage to generate revenue on lazy assets in telecom networks

Telecom networks possess a significant energy storage capacity. This can be utilized for "ancillary services" without having any impact on the reliability for the telecom network.

Charging of electrical vehicles

Energy storage interacting with chargers for electrical vehicles

Installing EV chargers can result in costly upstream capacity increase requirements and demand charges.

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