Product manager – Batteries

About Pixii

Pixii business is driven by the electrification megatrend. The demand for energy storage solutions is growing rapidly for a wide range of applications –enabling full impact of renewable energy investments and better utilization of existing electrical infrastructure.
Through a proven capability in modular technology, Pixii provides solutions with the highest level of convenience for the storage and management of electrical energy for midrange power.

Driven by our commitment to providing the highest level of convenience, Pixii is always ahead in offering solutions that are easy to customize and manage, and uniquely scalable to grow and evolve with future needs.
We firmly believe in modular technology because it best serves the needs of our customers, while facilitating and speeding up the transition to green energy for everyone.

Batteries represent a very important part of complete solutions Pixii offer to its customers. We are therefore looking for a product manager for batteries, with an additional responsibility to look after other key 3rd party products.

Product Manager – Batteries

In this position you will:

  • Understand battery technologies, chemistries, and their suitability for Pixii target markets and applications
  • Know the battery market from cells to battery modules including understanding environmental footprint and complete supply chain
  • Create clear specifications on Pixii battery requirements for different applications
  • Be the technical lead battery sourcing processes
  • Be the Pixii global expert supporting sales as well as R&D and engineering on battery matters
  • Play an active role in sales processes from bid to closing deals together with sales

About you:

  • Technical background – University degree (may be compensated by experience)
  • Experience related to batteries and energy storage is a great advantage
  • Commercial experience
  • Team player
  • Outspoken and comfortable in front of larger crowds
  • Flexible to travel

Oslo is the preferred office location for this position. Kristiansand (Norway) or Darmstadt (Germany) are also possible locations.

The position will have a dual reporting to the local country manager as well as the CPO in the HQ in Norway

If you are interested, please contact: – CPO

Case studies

Research and development is at the core of our business idea – together with our clients we are deploying solutions that reduce power cost without reducing power consumption.

Distribution grids

Energy storage for power quality support and decongestion of distribution networks

Distributed energy storage solutions can help DSO's in meeting challenges due to increasing power peak demands and intermittent power production.


Using energy storage to generate revenue on lazy assets in telecom networks

Telecom networks possess a significant energy storage capacity. This can be utilized for "ancillary services" without having any impact on the reliability for the telecom network.

Charging of electrical vehicles

Energy storage interacting with chargers for electrical vehicles

Installing EV chargers can result in costly upstream capacity increase requirements and demand charges.

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