Please use the form below to provide Pixii with information regarding to how the system shall operate, which system services/applications it shall run and specify any higher level of EMS system (MQTT, Modbus) if applicable.

Commissioning form

Once the system is ready for operation, the commissioning process will ensure that all components are installed and tested according to the operational requirements. Commissioning must be conducted by authorized personnel – a Pixii engineer or a Pixii certified subcontractor on behalf of Pixii.

For Pixii to proceed with remote commissioning, we require that all cabinets are completely installed in accordance with the Pixii System Documentation, connected to Internet with open ports for remote access, and that the AC Power is ON. The batteries must be switched OFF.

Please use the form below to provide Pixii with the necessary information. If you would like to fill a form by hand and send via email, please download the commissioning form template here.