Offer greater value with Pixii´s smart power conversion technology to strengthen your position and grow your market share

Collaborate with Pixii and excel with the latest in power conversion technology, opening new markets and revenue streams for your brand.

Our modular and bi-directional power technology is built on a 48-volt power architecture, with software driven hardware making it safe, adaptable and easy to scale.

So, collaborate with Pixii to strengthen your position and grow your market share. Our products are in stock for quick delivery and can be produced at scale.

Typical functions:
Frequency support
Provide first-response frequency support and stabilize the grid. Our power management and storage solution will contribute to even out the deviation from nominal grid frequency by adjusting active power to and from the grid.
FFR (Fast Frequency Response)
Rapidly correct the load imbalance in less than 2 seconds with Pixii´s smart energy storage solution, making you compliant with oncoming demands and regulations to reduce inertia.
FCR-D (Frequency Containment Reserves – Disturbance)
Maintain the required grid frequency at all times, with our smart energy storage solution providing reactive short-term balancing to level out frequency deviations in the power grid.
FCAS (Frequency Control Ancillary Services)
Participate in the frequency control market with Pixii´s smart energy storage solution, allowing you to provide first-response frequency support and help stabilize the grid by taking part in VPP.
DC or AC coupled solar
With integrated MPPT functionality the Pixii BESS is a complete DC coupled hybrid system. Our technology can also operate with most grid tied PV inverters, in on- or off-grid mode, ensuring optimal value of existing solar installations.
Modular technology is the enabler for a wide range of markets to unlock the true potential of battery energy storage systems
Making green energy convenient for all
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