Decongest your grid and improve power quality with our flexible battery energy storage system with advanced functionality

With electrification of society comes an increase of new renewables in the energy mix, making it a challenge to manage distribution grids designed for a completely different situation. So, you need a quick to deploy and cost-effective solution to support your ageing assets and improve your quality of supply.

The Pixii battery energy storage system is modular and comes with advanced functionality, like voltage support, phase balancing, active and reactive power compensation, giving network operators the tools they need to ensure that the quality of electricity is according to the consumers expectations.

The Pixii BESS is quick to deploy and easy to install, with hot swappable modules allowing for easy maintenance. Remote monitoring gives you complete control of your assets, and with a range of services and support, including software enrichment upgrades, you will be future-proof.

Typical functions for DSO/DNSP applications:
Voltage support
Enables grid operators (DSO’s/DNO’s/DNSP’s) to enhance quality of supply on long weak lines significantly. Unique functionality for voltage-based phase balancing active/reactive power compensation.
Phase balancing
Balance your three-phase load to provide utilization of your upstream distribution network, by feeding power from phases with low load – to phases with high load and thereby stabilizing the phase voltages.
Community battery
Allow for shared battery storage embedded in your network, closer to the end-user, enabling customers to lower their energy bills by utilizing more of their generated renewable power, reducing carbon footprint and stabilizing the grid.
Active power compensation
Reduce the operational cost of your network by adding smart energy storage, allowing you to consume or generate active power, to improve the performance of your network.
Grid support
Improve local peak power capacity by increasing maximum power capacity through smart energy storage systems. In locations with temporary overloads, energy storage systems can be installed to cover the overload to avoid having to upgrade larger parts of the grid.
Modular technology is the enabler for a wide range of markets to unlock the true potential of battery energy storage systems
Making green energy convenient for all

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