Shaping the power of the future

At Pixii, we design, manufacture and market smart energy storage solutions that contribute to clean, cost-effective and reliable electricity – for everyone

This is how the technology works …

Commercial & Industrial buildings

Modular and scalable energy storage solutions to meet any requirement

Minimize your electricity bill and maximize the return on PV investment while helping DSO's.

Distribution Grids

Smart energy storage solutions improving grid performance

A “multi-tool” to fix power capacity and quality issues in the distribution grid


Pixii wins contract on Community Batteries in Australia

We are proud to announce that Pixii has won a contract with Yarra Energy Foundation in Melbourne, Australia. MORE


Elvia installed the distributed energy storage systems from Pixii in their grid

DSO's operating in rural areas with long lines, often face issues with providing suficcient quality on their service. MORE

Case studies

Research and development is at the core of our business idea – together with our clients we are deploying solutions that reduce power cost without reducing power consumption.

Distribution grids

Energy storage for power quality support and decongestion of distribution networks

Distributed energy storage solutions can help DSO's in meeting challenges due to increasing power peak demands and intermittent power production.


Using energy storage to generate revenue on lazy assets in telecom networks

Telecom networks possess a significant energy storage capacity. This can be utilized for "ancillary services" without having any impact on the reliability for the telecom network.

Charging of electrical vehicles

Energy storage interacting with chargers for electrical vehicles

Installing EV chargers can result in costly upstream capacity increase requirements and demand charges.

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