Commercial and industrial
Reduce energy cost and unlock new revenue streams to meet green targets

New green targets and pressing regulations are forcing you to electrify your business and fleet of vehicles. So, you need a battery energy storage system that allows you to optimise your energy consumption to reduce costs whilst unlocking new revenue streams.

The Pixii battery energy storage system is modular, allowing you to scale to your needs, keeping your CAPEX low. Our solution is fully integrated, enabling you to get the most out of your new or existing solar panels. It allows for fast charging, and with smart functionality like time shift and peak shaving you can store energy during off-peak hours to reduce costs and manage energy demand.

Our battery energy storage system allows businesses to participate in the energy flexibility markets, such as demand response programs and frequency regulation, enabling you to monetize your system’s flexibility for additional revenue streams.

Advanced analytics

By collecting energy data, you can utilize advanced analytics to reveal insights into your energy usage patterns and costs, allowing you to further optimize your business.

Typical functions for commercial and industrial applications:
Peak shaving
Reduce your demand charges and save costs by shaving the peaks of your power consumption.
Support loads from the battery when electricity rates are high, and charge the battery when electricity rates are low.
PV self-consumption
Get the most out of your solar investment and reduce your dependency on the grid through smart power management, enabling you to direct excess energy to batteries for later use during peak hours.
Balance services/ Flexibility markets
Unlock the value of your battery energy storage system and monetize your system’s flexibility by offering available capacity to ancillary services like FFR, FCR, standard ramp FCAS services and more.
AC back-up
Secure energy independency during power outages or grid restrictions.
DC or AC coupled solar
With integrated MPPT functionality the Pixii BESS is a complete DC coupled hybrid system. Our technology can also operate with most grid tied PV inverters, in on- or off-grid mode, ensuring optimal value of existing solar installations.
Local power boost
Increase maximum available power capacity by adding smart energy storage systems in parallel with the grid. In locations with temporary overloads, energy storage systems can cover the overload and avoid grid upgrades.
Modular technology is the enabler for a wide range of markets to unlock the true potential of battery energy storage systems
Making green energy convenient for all

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