Our journey towards sustainability is rooted in innovation, responsibility, and collaboration. Explore how we’re making a difference.

Sustainability is a journey

In a world where the need for sustainable energy solutions becomes more pressing by the day, Pixii stands at the forefront of the green revolution. Specializing in cutting-edge Battery Energy Storage Systems, we are not just a company; we are a catalyst for change. Our mission is to transform the energy landscape, making it cleaner, more efficient, and infinitely more sustainable.

At Pixii, we believe in the power of innovation to drive positive environmental impact. Our Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are designed to optimize energy usage, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and enable the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. By deploying advanced energy storage solutions, we are paving the way for a future where energy is not only consumed differently but more intelligently and responsibly. We aim to assist businesses, communities, and governments globally in adopting sustainable energy solutions.

Join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can unlock the full potential of green energy, creating a legacy of sustainability for generations to come. Discover how Pixii is empowering the green change, one Battery Energy Storage System at a time.

Our sustainability pillars

At Pixii, we focus on three big ideas, or “pillars,” that help guide all the work we do. These pillars are like the three legs of a stool—each one is important to keep the stool balanced and strong. ESG is our framework and our template in this work.

Environmental protection
Our products help integrate renewable energy into the grid, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Our operation across the world is not only looking at how our customers can achieve their sustainability goals but also the way we conduct our own business.
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Social responsibility
Our commitment to positive social impact, includes practices like ensuring fair labor conditions, promoting diversity and inclusion, and engaging in ethical business practices. Pixii are ensuring safe working conditions, and engaging in sustainable partnerships.
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Governance practices
We are implementing robust governance practices that ensure ethical, transparent, and accountable business operations. Our governance efforts include policies and procedures that uphold high ethical standards, that comply with laws and regulations, and prevent corruption and fraud.
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Sustainability roadmap

In today’s world, marked by rapidly changing climate, diminishing natural resources, and growing social disparities, the need for sustainable development has never been more critical. We recognize our responsibility and aim to follow up with actions and integrity. Our sustainability roadmap is a testament to this commitment.

This roadmap is not just a plan, but a promise to our planet, our people, and our partners that we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint, promoting social equity, and ensuring economic viability for future generations. It is designed to guide us through the important journey of sustainability, with clear objectives and measurable milestones.

We invite our employees, customers, suppliers, and the wider community to join us in this journey. Together, we can forge a path towards a sustainable future, creating lasting value not just for our organization, but for society at large.

Our roadmap is embedding sustainability into the core of our operations, decision-making processes, and organizational culture. It calls for collaboration among all stakeholders, leveraging innovation to overcome challenges, and fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

Conduct double materiality assessment and gap analysis in line with CSRD.

Thorough due diligence assessment of supply chain and implement actions and measures.

Conduct life cycle assessment and obtain EPD for Pixii Box.
2025 – 2026
Annually report our scope 1- 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Science Based Targets, disclose data through CDP.

Scope 4: Disruptive solutions to avoided emissions.

Conduct life cycle assessment and obtain EPD for all products.
By 2030
Demonstrate leadership in sustainable practices and solutions within the energy sector.

1) Scope 1 refers to direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by Pixii.
2) Scope 2 emissions in ESG reporting refer to indirect greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the consumption of purchased electricity, heat, or steam by an Pixii.
3) Scope 3 emissions refer to all indirect emissions (not included in Scope 2) that occur in the value chain of Pixii, including both upstream and downstream emissions.
4) Scope 4 emissions refer to the reduction in emissions achieved by the use of Pixii’s products or services.

We vision a future where technology drives our sustainability efforts, minimizing environmental impact and fostering social equality.
Our vision for sustainability