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Pixii Gateway
Controller and communication hub for all Pixii systems
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The Pixii Gateway is a built-in powerful controller, enabling you to connect with, monitor, and control all components within the system, as well as external sensors and other hardware at your site.

The Pixii Gateway allows you to configure a wide range of services, monitor and optimize performance, collect energy data, manage alarms, and take part in the energy flexibility market to open new revenue streams. It runs on Pixii OS, giving you full flexibility with MQTT and Modbus protocols, allowing you to integrate with 3rd party management software and connected hardware. The Pixii Gateway can act as an individual controller, or as a master, controlling a cluster of Pixii cabinets as one.

The Pixii Gateway is the controller and communication hub for all Pixii systems. It communicates securely with all elements within the system and the outside world for system monitoring and advanced control, enabling both local flexibility and the opportunity for coordination and flexible fleet management.

With built-in services and the ability to set priority and scheduling of services, Pixii Gateway provides full control over your Pixii Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Whether you want to use it for peak shaving, PV self-consumption, arbitrage, grid or voltage support, or flexibility markets, your Pixii BESS will always be ready for optimal performance.

Pixii Gateway enables secure integration with on-site and off-site Energy Management Systems (EMS), site controllers, and third-party equipment such as EV chargers, meters, and more.

  • Demand Response, Power Control
  • Target State of Charge (SoC)
  • Peak Shaving, Adaptive Peak Shaving
  • Voltage Support, Ancillary Services
Peak shaving
Reduce your demand charges and save costs by shaving the peaks of your power consumption.
Support loads from the battery when electricity rates are high, and charge the battery when electricity rates are low.
PV self-consumption
Get the most out of your solar investment and reduce your dependency on the grid through smart power management, enabling you to direct excess energy to batteries for later use during peak hours.
Voltage support
Enables grid operators (DSO’s/DNO’s/DNSP’s) to enhance quality of supply on long weak lines significantly. Unique functionality for voltage-based phase balancing active/reactive power compensation.
Balance services/ Flexibility markets
Unlock the value of your battery energy storage system and monetize your system’s flexibility by offering available capacity to ancillary services like FFR, FCR, standard ramp FCAS services and more.
Performance data
DC input voltage
Digital Inputs
Configurable digital in
Can be configured for custom application
OVP fault alarm
Over Voltage Protection fault alarm
Smoke detector
Smoke detector
Fuse fault alarm
Fuse fault alarm
Door open
Filter removed
Filter removed
Emergency Switch – Clg
Emergency switch detection
Humidity sensor
Humidity sensor
Digital inputs 1-2
Used for the built-in ripple control receiver or as customizable digital inputs
Generator status
Generator Start input signal
Generator status
Generator Stop input signal
Fuel cell status
K1 offgrid status.
SW1 Key switch status offgrid
Digital outputs
Input contactor control
Used to control input contactor1 / 230Vac, 5A NO/NC relay
Islanding contactor control
Used to control input contactor2 / 230Vac, 5A NO/NC relay
Heater control
Contactor optional 1 / 230Vac, 5A high inrush NO relay
Load contactor control
Heater / 230Vac, 5A high inrush NO relay
Relay external 1-3
Relay external 1-3 / 12 Vdc open collector
Optional signal relay 1
Generator start or optional signal relay 1 / 30Vac 60Vdc, 5A NO/NC relay
Optional signal relay 2
Generator stop or optional signal relay 2 / 30Vac/60Vdc, 5A NO/NC relay
Analog inputs
Temperature 1-3 PWR
Temp power +5Vdc / 5 VDC
Temperature 1-3
Temperature 1-3 / 1-wire interface
Symmetry 1-2
DC side earth fault detection / 0-80 V
Analog input 1-5
Optional or for DRM mode / Flexible (0-80 V)
Electrical specifications
DC Input
Dual 30-60Vdc/5Amax
DC Output
12DC/500mA, 48V to external loads possible through secondary supply
Mechanical specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H)
265 x 213 x 45 mm
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature range
-20° C to 45° C
Storage temperature range
-20° C to 60° C
Applicable standards
EN 61010-1, IEC 61010-1
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    Configure your system
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    Select location and cooling:
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