Governance practices

At Pixii, we believe that strong governance is the foundation of our business success and sustainability. Our governance practices are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, and ethical conduct across all levels of our organization.

We are strengthening our governance framework as part of our commitment to ESG, being on track to obtain ISO 9001 certification by 2024. This will reinforce our quality management ethos with a strong customer focus and drive for continuous improvement. Central to our governance framework is our Codes of Conduct, which outlines the ethical standards and behaviours expected across our organisation and supply chain. Additionally, Pixii’s policies reflects our dedication to environmental and social responsibility, guiding us in making decisions that align with the company’s ESG goals.

Pixii´s Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is dedicated to maintaining high standards of corporate governance, ensuring transparency, ethical conduct, and responsible decision-making. The individuals all have proven success in leading tech companies and their relevant expertise and leadership ensure an effective and innovative approach to problem-solving.

Ethical standards and integrity
All employees, including senior management and the Board, adhere to a comprehensive Code of Conduct that outlines ethical practices and expected behaviours.

Whistleblowing and grievance reporting
We are committed to ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour in all our operations. We have established a whistleblowing and grievance reporting channel operated by BDO AS. This secure and confidential channel is available to all employees, suppliers, stakeholders, and external parties to report any serious concerns, offences, or grievances.

For more information or to submit a report, please visit our Whistleblowing and grievance reporting channel.

We value the integrity of our governance practices and encourage the use of this channel to uphold our ethical standards.

Risk management
Pixii conducts regular risk assessments to identify, evaluate, and manage financial, operational, environmental, and social risks.

Pixii is committed to transparent reporting and timely disclosure of risks and management strategies to stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement
Pixii maintains open lines of communication with all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and the community, ensuring their views are considered in decision-making processes.

We engage stakeholders in our sustainability initiatives, incorporating feedback to enhance environmental and social governance practices.

Sustainability reporting
Starting 2024 an annual sustainability report will detail Pixii’s ESG performance, initiatives, and progress towards sustainability goals.

  • Obtaining ISO 14001 certification by 2024
  • Obtaining ISO 9001 certification by 2024
  • Corporate Governance – Guidelines for Board of Directors
  • Execute regular risk assessments, maintain transparency in risk reporting
  • Promote open dialogue with stakeholders and integrate their insights into sustainability efforts.