Easy installation and maintenance
The Pixii solution is fully integrated and comes with our user-friendly Pixii gateway web app, allowing for easy installation with minimal on-site work.

Our team of engineers have combined their extensive expertise and knowledge of the market to create our revolutionary Pixii battery energy storage system. Explore the features that make our BESS the easiest to install and maintain solution on the market.


Our modular Pixii battery energy storage system is easy to install and quick to deploy. With unprecedented flexibility, you can now scale to your needs, from single-cabinet residential use to industrial megawatt sites, significantly reducing on-site preparation, civil work, and installation time.

The Pixii system has high redundancy with no single point of failure, making it one of the most reliable and robust battery energy storage systems on the market, reducing the need for maintenance.

48 volt

Our galvanically isolated 48-volt internal power architecture makes it easy and safe to hot-swap modules without powering down the system, with no special training required. This not only keeps personnel protected but reduces the need for site visits.


The Pixii BESS is a standardized, all-in-one cabinet that is proven and tested at our factory, making installation and deployment simple. Its convenient plug and play design reduces installation time, avoiding the need for complex on-site wiring.

Pixii Gateway Web App

The Pixii Gateway is a control and communication hub that can be accessed through the Pixii Gateway Web App using any web browser on phones, tablets, or PC’s. It can be accessed at site over Wi-Fi or remotely via a VPN connection. Setup and configuration are easy with the step-by-step guide in the Web App and there is no need for extra tools for installation, configuration, or software upgrades.

Monitoring and control

The Pixii Gateway enables you to monitor and manage your sites remotely. Cloud services provide you with an overview of all your sites, including performance stats, historical data and alarms, so you can optimize and predict maintenance. Our comprehensive services and support, including 24/7 online monitoring, technical support and software enrichment upgrades, ensure your system is performing as it should be at all times.

The Pixii Battery Energy Storage System is designed to be easy to install, quick to deploy, and requires minimal maintenance. With its innovative power architecture, all-in-one cabinets, and intuitive web app, the Pixii BESS is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient energy storage system.

Who was Hippolyte Pixii?
Antoine Hippolyte Pixii was a French instrument maker. He is best known for inventing the first electrical generator in 1832, which produced alternating current.

His invention provided the basis for many of today’s most advanced electrical systems, including those used in electric motors and power grids.
Our software defined bi-directional converters makes all of our energy storage systems truly modular and scalable
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