Pixii delivers major battery energy storage system in Germany

Power & Air Solutions, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, has completed its first battery energy storage system (BESS), supplied by Pixii.

Deutsche Telekom, Munich

The storage system is installed at one of Deutsche Telekom’s main offices in Munich, Germany, and its completion was celebrated by senior management from Power & Air Solutions and Pixii.

“The current energy challenges in Europe underline the need for investments in energy storage. This is key for the shift to renewable energy sources to proceed without unacceptable volatility. Battery energy storage systems are a key component in the transformation, and this marks our first big step in that direction”

Bernd Schulte-Sprenger, CEO of Power & Air Solutions
Bernd Schulte-Sprenger, CEO of Power & Air Solutions

The installation in Munich has 1 MW of conversion capacity and 6 MWh of storage capacity. The solution is based on the PowerShaper product family – a proven technology platform of Pixii. It will be followed shortly by a second installation in Münster.

In total, PASM plans to install battery energy storage systems with a total capacity of more than 300 MWh. This capacity will be used for peak shaving, arbitrage and to maximize the use of renewable energy, as well as to participate in energy markets to contribute to the stability of the German electricity network.

“We are thrilled to be able to assist Power & Air Solutions and Deutsche Telekom in the ambitious plans. This is a major recognition of Pixii’s technology. We are seeing strong interest from customers in our modular and flexible technology, which lowers the entry barriers for customers seeing the need for energy storage to cope with increasingly volatile energy markets”

Volker Rossmann, CSO of Pixii
From the left: Chris Mathea, Energy Manager Sustainability Technology, PASM, Konja Wick, Key Account Manager in Pixii and Volker Rossmann, CSO of Pixii

About Power & Air Solutions (PASM)

Power & Air Solutions was founded in 2004 and is a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. The mission of the Munich-based company is to guarantee the availability of critical infrastructure systems from the information technology and telecommunications (ITC) sector. In addition, Power & Air Solutions is the energy provider for Deutsche Telekom AG in Germany and is preferably purchasing electricity and power production based on renewable energies.