Energy storage up to 50kW
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    Get the power you need without upgrading old grid infrastructure.

    With a growing energy demand and rising cost, you need to optimize your energy consumption and get more out of your solar installation with a battery energy storage system that is quick to deploy and easy to scale.

    The Pixii PowerShaper2 is a modular battery energy storage system that scales to your needs. It comes with smart functionality like time shift and peak shaving to reduce your energy cost, and it´s fully integrated, enabling you to get the most out of your new or existing solar panels. Now you can take part in the flexibility market and open new revenue streams.

    It comes with The Pixii Gateway for remote monitoring and control, with cloud services giving you the complete overview of all your sites, including performance stats, historical data and alarms. And trough MQTT and Modbus protocols you will get the flexibility you need.

    • Modular and scalable
    • Integrated & battery inverter solution
    • Wide range of functions
    • For applications 10kW to megawatts
    • Compact
    • Fast response
    • Galvanically isolated AC to DC
    • 48V battery voltage for ease of service
    Peak shaving
    Reduce your demand charges and save costs by shaving the peaks of your power consumption.
    Voltage support
    Enables grid operators (DSO’s/DNO’s/DNSP’s) to enhance quality of supply on long weak lines significantly. Unique functionality for voltage-based phase balancing active/reactive power compensation.
    Support loads from the battery when electricity rates are high, and charge the battery when electricity rates are low.
    PV self consumption
    Get the most out of your solar investment and reduce your dependency on the grid through smart power management, enabling you to direct excess energy to batteries for later use during peak hours.
    Phase balancing
    Balance your three-phase load to provide utilization of your upstream distribution network, by feeding power from phases with low load – to phases with high load and thereby stabilizing the phase voltages.
    Balance services/ Flexibility markets
    Unlock the value of your battery energy storage system and monetize your system’s flexibility by offering available capacity to ancillary services like FFR, FCR, standard ramp FCAS services and more.
    FCAS (Frequency Control Ancillary Services)
    Participate in the frequency control market with Pixii´s smart energy storage solution, allowing you to provide first-response frequency support and help stabilize the grid by taking part in VPP.
    Local power boost
    Increase maximum available power capacity by adding smart energy storage systems in parallel with the grid. In locations with temporary overloads, energy storage systems can cover the overload and avoid grid upgrades.
    Performance data
    Nominal AC voltage
    Max AC current
    Nominal DC voltage
    Max DC current
    Communications protocols
    M-bus, Modbus RTU, TCP/IP Ethernet, 4G Wi-Fi
    Audible noise
    Xx dBA
    Minimum operating temperature
    -20 °C
    Maximum operating temperature
    45 °C
    Dimensions (w x d x h)
    706 x 932 x 2 115 mm
    Weight (fully equipped) – LFP 48/50kWh
    Xx kg
    Weight (fully equipped) – NMC 100kWh
    Xx kg
    Cabinet protection class
    Application standards
    IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2, IEC/EN 62040-1, IEC/EN 62477, (Batteries) IEC 62619, IEC 62368, UN38.3, RPEQ Mechanically certified for lifting, Load Restraint Guide 2018 for Transportation
    AS/NZS 4777-2, VDE-AR-N 4105, 50549-1,TF 3.3.3 B1, EREC G99, CEI-021
    IEC/EN 61000-6-1, IEC/EN 61000-6-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-3, IEC/EN 61000-6-4
    ETSI EN 300 019:2-1 (Class 1.2), ETSI EN 300 019:2-2 (Class 2.3), ETSI EN 300 019:2-3 (Class 3.2)
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        Configure your system
        Output power:
        Select location and cooling:
        Select battery:
        How does it work?
        With cutting-edge technology, the Pixii modular energy storage solution gives you a wide range of functions, allowing you to unleash your growth potential.