Get more out of your energy storage solution and stay ahead of the curve

The Pixii modular energy storage solution might seem simple, but underneath the hood you will find cutting-edge technology, giving you the flexibility you need to unleash your growth potential. With our range of services you will get access to our expert team, cloud services, and software enrichment updates, to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of your investment.

Extended warranty

Our products are built to last, allowing us to offer from 5 to 10 years additional warranty, requiring an annual service by one of our expert team or global Pixii-certified installer.

Annual maintenance

Ensure your system performs to its highest potential at all times with thorough annual maintenance services, conducted by our expert team or our global network of Pixii-Certified installers, giving you peace of mind.


Get our expert team or a Pixii-certified installer to tailor your solution for your needs, run advanced tests, and ensure all software is up to date during configuration, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

Technical support

Get access to our team of experts, wherever you are in the world, with both standard and advanced technical support, consultant services and professional training.


Take control of your system with our easy-to-use Pixii cloud dashboard, allowing you to remotely monitor and manage state of charge, alarms, functionality and more.

Software enrichment upgrades

Get software upgrades delivered remotely or during your annual maintenance, unleashing new potential to get the most out of your energy storage solution at all times, making your system future proof.

Monitoring and system optimization

Our expert team will ensure your system is running as it should be at all times, with our 24/7 online monitoring service, including annual to fortnightly optimisation, condition reports of your system(s) and expert recommendations.

Technical project management

Ensure you get the most out of your investment, with our expert engineers taking care of all technical aspects of the project prior to delivery, from Pixii recommended site layouts to delivery and installation.

Swap solution

Our market leading swap solution ensures maximum uptime. Get new products when needed by simply swapping the faulty product.

Critical spare parts

Get critical spare parts fast, anywhere in the world.

Service agreements plans No SLA Silver Gold
Extended warranty -(Agreed separately)
Annual maintenance
On- or off-site commissioning
Online monitoring, system optimalization and condition reports
Technical project Management
Dashboards (Access to self-monitoring system)
Technical support within 7 days 3 days 8 hours
Software upgrades
Critical spare parts availability (business days)
Rates for additional physical services (discounted) – 15% – 25%
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With cutting-edge technology, the Pixii modular energy storage solution gives you a wide range of functions, allowing you to unleash your growth potential.
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