Manage all your sites remotely in one dashboard, and get the complete performance overview, to limit site visits and reduce your TCO

The Pixii battery energy storage system is designed to be managed and controlled remotely. The built-in communication gateway, allows you to connect with all elements within the system, as well as external sensors and other hardware at your site.

The brain in the Pixii PowerShaper is a powerful controller – the Pixii Gateway – overseeing all internal functions as well as interoperability with the outside world.

Pixii Gateway

Within the Pixii PowerShaper is an advanced controller unit with a variety of connections, ports, inputs and outputs. The Pixii Gateway enables measurement of important parameters, communication with all components within the system, it oversees battery management, and provides connectivity to the outside world.

It runs on PixiiOS, giving you full flexibility, with MQTT and Modbus protocols, allowing you to integrate with 3rd party management software and connected hardware. Pixii Gateway can act as an individual controller, or as a Master, controlling a cluster of Pixii cabinets as one.

Pixii Gateway Web App – for easy configuration and advanced monitoring

The Pixii Gateway is a powerful control and communication center that can be accessed through the Pixii Gateway Web App using any web browser on smart phones, tablets, or PC’s, directly at site over Wi-Fi or remotely via e.g. a VPN connection. Once a network connection is established, there is no need for extra tools to do installation, configuration or software upgrades. Through the Pixii Gateway Web App you get access to a step-by-step guide that makes setup and configuration easy.

The Pixii Gateway Web App allows you to monitor the performance of your installation live or you can explore historic data to learn how much your system is reducing your cost as well as other key performance indicators. It also enables connectivity to building energy management systems to ensure that the PowerShaper operates optimally together with other smart components with impact on the power consumption. The PowerShaper can also play a part in higher level cloud-based solution as a part of a virtual power plant to provide flexibility back to the grid.

Pixii Cloud

With Pixii Cloud you can get a complete performance overview. It allows you to monitor your fleet of sites through a secure web connection.

Monitor and manage alarms, collect historical data, effectively reducing callouts and maintenance cost, slashing your TCO.

How does it work?
With cutting-edge technology, the Pixii modular energy storage solution gives you a wide range of functions, allowing you to unleash your growth potential.