PowerShaper XL product family – the BESS for energy intensive applications

Introducing the Pixii PowerShaper XL – the next evolution in energy storage. Designed for the dynamic needs of today’s energy market, the PowerShaperXL family (PowerShaper XL, PowerShaper XL Indoor, PowerBase XL) delivers unparalleled performance and reliability for energy-oriented applications, building on the Pixii modular and scalable architecture.

The PowerShaper XL family is fully integrated and ready to be connected to the grid for applications such as solar self-consumption, demand charge reduction, peak shaving, arbitrage and various ancillary services.

PowerShaper XL

PowerShaper XL is an IP55 all-in-one modular energy storage system. The cabinet is designed for shipment with batteries installed and can house up to 60kW of power conversion and up to 200kWh storage capacity with LFP batteries.

PowerShaper XL

PowerShaper XL Indoor 

PowerShaper XL Indoor is designed for indoor use. The system consists of two battery cabinets and one cabinet with bi-directional inverter modules and batteries. It can be equipped with up to 50kW of power conversion and 288kWh of energy storage capacity.

PowerShaper XL Indoor

PowerBase XL 

PowerBase XL is a powerhouse of energy storage, prewired and preconfigured on a steel frame for transport and deployment with batteries pre-installed. It has a maximum capacity of up to 530kW and 1.8 MWh.

PowerBase XL

All three systems include the Pixii Gateway controller, providing advanced monitoring and control applications as well as wireless communication and interoperability. The systems’ functions can be executed autonomously or controlled by commands and settings from higher-level energy management systems communicating over different protocols.

The PowerShaper XL family is based on the PixiiBox, the bi-directional AC/DC power conversion module that is the basic building block of all Pixii’s systems.

“The launch of the PowerShaper XL family is a milestone for Pixii as it strengthens our offering in an ever-changing energy market. The PowerShaper XL extends the modular and scalable Pixii concept into a new larger package. It is designed for transportation with batteries installed, designed for convenient logistics and installation. These systems embody our commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions that respond to the needs of our customers”

Kenneth Bodahl, CEO of Pixii
Kenneth Bodahl, CEO of Pixii

Why Pixii PowerShaper XL?

Enhanced PV utilization: Improve your photovoltaic (PV) system’s efficiency by storing excess solar energy for use when you need it most.
Scalable: Whether you’re managing a small facility or a large industrial operation, the modular design of the PowerShaperXL scales to meet your needs.
Comprehensive value stacking: Tap into multiple battery services through value stacking, saving on costs and generating additional income on your BESS.
Future-ready: Adapt to the evolving energy landscape with a system built to handle the demands of tomorrow.

Key features

High Capacity: The PowerShaperXL offers increased storage capacity to keep your operations running smoothly.
Advanced control: Sophisticated energy management tools give you complete control over your energy usage.
Seamless integration: Comes with batteries installed. Easily integrates with existing or new  PV systems

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