Introducing Pixii Home – Residential energy storage made simple

Pixii is proud to launch Pixii Home, a game-changer in residential energy solutions. Building on our expertise on delivering battery energy storage systems for the industrial sector, we are now bringing our cutting-edge technology to the residential market, accelerating the green energy transition.

The solar battery that pays for itself!

Pixii Home enables homeowners to get more out of solar energy, cut electricity bills with smart energy saving functionality, and generate income by renting out battery capacity to support the local grid through ancillary services like FFR, FCR and FCAS, bringing energy independence within reach.

Durable Nordic design

Pixii Home combines the simplicity and elegance of Nordic design, built to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is designed for outdoor installation with an industrial-strength metal casing and is backed up by a 10-year warranty for enduring reliability.

Grow as you go!

Pixii Home´s modular design allows homeowners to start with a 10-kWh system and expand up to 20 kWh as their energy demands or family grows. With regular software updates, the Pixii Home is future-proof, always ensuring compatibility with the local grid.

The easy-to-use Pixii Home App

The Pixii Home app puts the power in the users’ hands, providing instant data on electricity usage from solar versus the grid. It monitors battery performance and health to ensure peak functionality and long life. What’s more, the app calculates potential energy savings, highlighting the economic benefits of smart energy management.

Bringing professional quality to households

Pixii has grown rapidly based on its reputation as a supplier of high-quality energy storage solutions for demanding professional customers. Due to our emphasis on modularity and scalability, our solutions are used for a variety of applications. We believe households deserve the same reliability and flexibility, and that is what we offer with Pixii Home.

“Several factors are driving the residential market: Increased penetration of solar power and electric vehicles, volatile energy prices due to changing energy mix, public incentives, and the opening of grid support markets for households. These factors make for an attractive payback time and have led to an explosive interest in residential energy storage solutions”

Kenneth Bodahl, Chief Executive Officer of Pixii

Pixii Home has one of the quickest responses in the industry for energy storage up to 20 kW, making it especially suitable for FFR and FCR support services. This means that the system is capable of very fast adjustments in power output. This capability is essential for supporting grid stability by contributing to frequency regulation services, which are critical in moments of sudden demand spikes or drops in supply.

Andreas Gronarz, Head of Pixii Home – to the left, Kenneth Bodahl, Chief Executive Officer of Pixii – to the right

Pixii Home – new business unit

Pixii has set up a new business unit for Pixii Home, headed by Andreas Gronarz, who recently joined Pixii with an extensive background in business development within renewable energy and technology.

Initially, Pixii Home is launched in Sweden, which has a favourable regulatory environment and incentives tied to residential solar PV and allows households to take part in the grid support market.

“Following Sweden, we will launch Pixii Home in new markets globally based on an ongoing evaluation of market trends and regulatory framework. We will approach the residential market through well-established partners. We expect Pixii Home to contribute significantly to our growth already in 2024”

Andreas Gronarz, Head of Pixii Home

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to revolutionize residential energy storage. Together, we will empower households to take control of their energy production, consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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How does it work?
With cutting-edge technology, the Pixii modular energy storage solution gives you a wide range of functions, allowing you to unleash your growth potential.