Major energy storage site inaugurated in Münster

On Friday, members of the Pixii team proudly took part as Power & Air Solutions (PASM), a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, opened a major energy storage site in Münster, Germany. Deutsche Telekom is the first telecommunications company to globally use large-scale battery storage for renewable energy.

From the left: Michael Hagspihl, SVP Global Strategy in Deutsche Telekom, Volker Rossmann, CRO in Pixii, Klaus Rosenaand, Mayor of Münster  and Bernd Schulte-Sprenger CEO in PASM

The inauguration was hosted by PASM CEO Bernd Schulte-Sprenger.

“It’s great to take part in this event, which illustrates PASM’s ambitious plans to build a robust power infrastructure increasingly based on renewable energy sources and the vital role battery storage plays in this transition.”

Volker Rossman, CSO of Pixii

Deutsche Telekom plans to become climate-neutral by 2040. As part of this plan, the company has commissioned the first large-scale battery storage units for the integration of renewable energy through PASM. This initiative places the company at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, actively contributing to Germany’s energy transition.

The battery energy storage system supplied by Pixii has 1 MW of conversion capacity and 6 MWh of storage capacity. The solution is based on Pixii’s proven PowerShaper product family. It is installed indoors at the central office and datacenter site in Münster.

Pixii is also working with PASM on further installations

In total, PASM plans to install battery energy storage systems with a total capacity of more than 300 MWh. This capacity will be used for peak shaving, arbitrage and to maximize the use of renewable energy, as well as to participate in energy markets to contribute to the stability of the German electricity network.

Bernd Schulte-Sprenger, CEO of PASM

About Power & Air Solutions:

Power & Air Solutions was founded in 2004 and is a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. The mission of the Munich-based company is to guarantee the availability of critical infrastructure systems from the information technology and telecommunications (ITC) sector. In addition, Power & Air Solutions is the energy provider for Deutsche Telekom AG in Germany and is preferably purchasing electricity and power production based on renewable energies..

How does it work?
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